Grand Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Oralkhan Bokei has been Held in the Writer’s Homeland

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of the renowned writer, playwright, journalist Oralkhan Bokei. The events on celebrating the anniversary of the writer kicked off in his birthplace, Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region.
The events, as part of the grand celebration of the anniversary, have been initiated by the Sustainable Rural Development Fund and supported by businessmen of Katon-Karagai district. The main event of the anniversary is the opening of the house-museum of Oralkhan Bokei in Shyngystai village, where the writer spent his childhood. Here, the Sustainable Rural Development Fund, with the financial support of the founder, Serik Tolukpayev, bought the house where Oralkhan Bokei lived and organized a museum with personal effects and souvenirs suffused with these reminiscences. The Fund is confident that the museum will not only promote the work of the playwright among tourists, but will also contribute to increasing the tourist potential of the region as a whole.
“When we think of Katon-Karagai, we immediately remember Oralkhan Bokei. This is a writer who praised the beauty of this place and the nature of Tumsa. Therefore, it is an honor for us to celebrate his anniversary with dignity. The celebtratory events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Oralkhan Bokei, which are held with the support of businessmen, will start today. This year, our Fund has allocated funds in the amount of KZT10 million, has bought the writer’s childhood home and turned it into the museum, which was transferred to the state. In general, the celebration of the 80thanniversary of Oralkhan Bokei will be held at the national and international level. The main sponsors are the Tolukpayev, Nurbayev, Abitayev and Tumashinov families, as well as the Issabayev, Shaimardanov, Orazayev, Sermenov, Nursoltanov, Ashimkhanov, Yelgonov, Sagimbayev and Lastayev families,” Serik Zhunussov, the Head of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund said.
Friends, poets, countrymen who were inspired by the works of Oralkhan Bokei gathered in the writer’s homeland to celebrate the anniversary. They have participated in the opening of the bust of the bright-minded playwright and the square named after the writer. In addition, the republican open-air exhibition “Tor Altai Boyaulary” has been organized in Shyngystai village. The artists have completed more than 50 sketches and presented the finished works to the O. Bokei Museum.
Honorary Citizen of Katon-Karagai district, Member of the Union of Writers and Journalists, Zhanibek Kyzyrov, shared his impressions about the holiday in general.
“Oralkhan Bokei is the pride of the Kazakh public. In his short life, he has achieved great success with his talent and work. According to his pen pal, Abish Kekilbayev, Oreke is a man who showed his country, region and himself to the world with his talent. Oralkhan is the pride of Katon-Karagai, which also became the cradle for such talented writers as Kalikhan Yskak, Oralkhan Bokei, Alibek Askarov, Didakhmet Ashimkhan. The event dedicated to the memory of Oralkhan Bokei will undoubtedly cheer up the Katon-Karagai residents. We should not only be proud of our talented guys, but also hold such meetings more often so that their life and fate become an example to the younger generation!” - Kyzyrov said.
The evening has been preceded by a presentation, where a new book entitled “Sholpandai Tan Aldyna Tuyp – Batty” was presented. During the memorial repast in honor of the writer, honorary guests of the district has been awarded with “Oralkhan Bokeige 80 Zhyl” medals. Then all the guests enjoyed the competition, where the best riders of the district participated in the republican Alaman Baiga tournament. The anniversary evening culminated with a gala concert with the participation of Russian stars.

Oralkhan Bokei was a distinguished journalist, writer and playwright. He holds a prominent membership in the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan He was born on September 28, 1943, in Chingistai village of Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region.