Hub School Development Project to Have Presented the 17th School

Turar Ryskulov Secondary School in Uzynagash village of Zhambyl district of Almaty region is the last 17th school of the project “Development of the potential of hub schools in rural areas”.

The material and technical base of the educational institution has been completely updated in it. Teachers have been retrained in NIS, plus methodological work will continue - over the next 3 years, teachers will constantly improve their knowledge and exchange experience under the control of the NIS system.

At the presentation, Bolat Zhamishev, the Chairman of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund, has said that 53 more similar schools will be opened.
“In cooperation with our partners – FSDE and NIS, we have developed a program and started equipping, training according to new standards in order to reduce the gap between rural and urban schools. If we have created 17 schools since last year, now we want to expand the transfer of knowledge transfer and create 53 more hub rural schools in districts and single–industry towns,” Bolat Zhamishev has said.
The Head of the public fund has also stressed the importance of the NIS work in the modernization of rural educational institutions. According to him, NIS is a great source of new technologies, new competencies in pedagogy, which will help ensure the development of all hub schools. 5 schools already opened by the company, have demonstrated a good result, so the project has received further support.

Hub schools also create a multiplicative effect for the entire local educational ecosystem – teachers of nearby small schools also adopt experience and knowledge from teachers of hub schools.