The Fund presents its projects in Verkh-Uba village

The Fund have presented two important projects in Verkh-Uba village to local residents, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Akimat.

With our support, the design code of Verkh-Uba village has been developed. It is an integral part of the sustainable development strategy of Shemonaikha district. Thanks to this project, the architecture of the village will develop harmoniously within a single concept. The design code includes: a pattern, variants of logos for Verkh-Uba village, architectural solutions, a system of information signs, landscaping of recreational areas and so on.

The second project is a projected sports park, which will form the Sports core of Verkh-Uba. The complex of sports grounds will allow residents and tourists to conduct physical education, sports, as well as sports competitions and gatherings of school and general village scale.

Following the presentation, both projects have been accepted by the villagers. They will be implemented jointly by the Akimat and SRDF.

The design code of the village will be issued as an official document and further construction of new facilities will be coordinated with the local Architecture and Urban Planning Department, which in turn will make recommendations according to the new design code.