«Internet in the Rural Areas» pilot project launched in Shemonaikha

On June 06, the «Internet in the rural area» pilot project has been launched in Shemonaikha town of East Kazakhstan Region. The pilot project is implemented to create an infrastructure of fiber-optic communication lines in Katon-Karagai and Shemonaikha districts with tariffs below the market rate and a minimum speed of 15 Mbit/s.

«When implementing educational projects, unfortunately, Aitas Foundation encountered problems with the quality and access to the Internet in rural areas. When the project began to scale, the problem became even more acute. Our employees, as well as representatives of ministries, began to think about how to solve this issue. This task became especially urgent for us in those regions where there are our funds. Therefore, in Katon-Karagai and Shemonaikha districts we launched the «Internet in rural areas» pilot project. For the successful implementation of the project we started looking for suppliers who would deal with these issues for the Fund. Here we were offered our services by Fast Line, which participates in the project on a commercial basis.
Today in Shemonaikha city we have launch the project, which covers 3 settlements in Shemonaikha district», - the Head of the pilot project, Yen Sang Lee said.
The tasks of the project are connection of households and institutions of villages of Katon-Karagai and Shemonaikha districts to high speed Internet by creation of new FOCL trunks from existing Transtelecom networks on GPON technology; creation or renovation of internal Internet network (IANS) in socially significant objects.
«Due to the fact that such a synergy of business, society and authorities is created, the life of people in the countryside is becoming more comfortable. We wish success in the implementation of the project,» Deputy Akim of Shemonaikha, Medet Yelshibai said.
«We have a small town, but people need the speed and quality of Internet just like the inhabitants of big cities. I'm interested in tariff plans and offers, I think I'll become a subscriber in the near future,» - resident of Shemonaikha, Danil Bobrov said.
In addition, as part of the project, socially important objects of villages of Katon-Karagai and Shemonaikha districts will be connected to the FOCL, and, if necessary, internal Internet distribution lines will be created or upgraded at various sites