Second Expedition to Has Taken Place as Part of the Project “Land Art of Katon-Karagay. Boundaries of Worlds”

We continue to work on the project “Land Art of Katon-Karagay. Boundaries of Worlds” in East Kazakhstan. The second group of artists went on an expedition for inspiration to the mysterious places of Katon-Karagay.
This time Yerbosyn Meldibekov, the project consultant, and Dastan Kozhakhmetov, the curator, have introduced Ferenc Grof, the Hungarian artist and graphic designer living in France, Pavla Sceranková, the Slovak artist and sculptor living in the Czech Republic, and Tomáš Moravec, the Czech artist, to the beauty and landmarks of the area. The group visited the Old Austrian Road, the Berel mounds, Shubaragash and Arshaty villages, the Dembel Stone, the Ancient Church and the guest houses of Katon-Karagay.
One of participants of the expedition was the Austrian and Ukrainian documentary filmmaker Lana Berndl, the author of the film about the “Austrian Road”, who shared invaluable knowledge about the history of the “road” construction and the fate of its prisoners builders.

The project “Land Art of Katon-Karagay. Boundaries of Worlds” implies the creation of land art objects along the so-called “Old Austrian” or “Austrian Road”, within the boundaries of Katon-Karagay district. The project is scheduled to start in 2024.