«Home is best» — how went presentations in Almaty and Astana

Presentations of the study “Home is best” were held in Almaty and Astana, where the participants and curators of the project told about the ethnographic interview, a rare method of sociological research for Kazakhstan. 

One of the team members, Alexandra, shared her impressions: “The study helped to draw attention to details that people miss in everyday life, because every person you meet have their own story. Such projects are necessary for society because they allow to remember and learn how other people live, their values and stories. This is an image of a humanistic attitude.”

Throughout the presentation, sociologist Dmitry Rogozin kept in touch with the participants, who calls for positioning the study as “Art based research”, since the visual, artistic component is no less important. 

The policy-paper prepared on the basis of the study contains conclusions and recommendations in the field of culture, education, and the development of local communities in rural areas. Based on them, as well as the recommendations proposed by the Sustainable Rural Development Fund, projects will be initiated that will be implemented in the future in the rural areas of the Fund’s presence. 

Recall that the project “Home is best”, implemented by the Sustainable Rural Development Fund in partnership with the AlmaU Center for Urban Studies and the Center for Contemporary Culture “Tselinny”, is aimed at studying the perception of “home” by residents of different regions of Kazakhstan.