Sustainable Rural Development Fund has held a meeting with non-governmental organizations of Almaty

More than 22 thousand non-governmental organizations are registered in Kazakhstan, and the purpose of our meeting is to get acquainted with the most active, find the like minded people and bring the best practices of NGOs to rural areas of Kazakhstan.

At the meeting, we have presented the work of Sustainable Rural Development Fund, and the colleagues told us about their ongoing projects.

The range of invitees’ work is very broad. These are the support of youth and people with special needs, development of civil society, youth movement, Kazakhstan’s urban planning, support of burgeoning women-entrepreneurs, particularly, in rural regions, support of business initiatives of college students and HEIs, support of elderly people, development of culture, environmental initiatives, education.

The meeting was attended by representatives of both large nation-wide foundations, and local foundations that implement projects in Almaty. Practically every participant has noted that we have great prospects for cooperation with each other.

We were delighted to see so many empathic people who want to develop Kazakhstan and want to hold reunions on a regular basis, familiarize with various projects and get the NGOs representatives acquainted with our activities.