Purchase of musical instruments for a music school (Kasym Kaisenov village)

In 2019, for the first time, musical instruments were purchased for the District Children's Music School: flute, digital piano, saxophone, alto saxophone, guitar, cello, violin, prima kobyz, dombra, etc., totaling 14 million tenge.

In 2021, sybyzgy, sazsyrnai, shankobyz were purchased for a total of 3 million tenge.

The Fund invited a famous Kazakh composer Yedil Khusainov, the author of ethnic music, virtuoso instrumentalist on ancient Kazakh musical instruments, world-renowned master of throat singing. He will help improve the skills of music school teachers.

In addition to being advanced training, these steps encourage the transfer of a whole history, a return to musical roots and the birth of a new generation that can play ancient Kazakh instruments.

Yedil Khusainov is now preparing teachers of the Children's Music School of the Ulan District for the final concert. He teaches and provides online mentorship for music school teachers.

Stage 1
December 2019
14 million KZT

Stage 2
September-December 2021
3 million KZT