STEP Academy To Teach Rural Children Programming

The Fund for Sustainable Development of Education (FSDE) and the STEP Academy announced cooperation on the development of digital skills of rural school students within the framework of a signed bilateral memorandum.

The STEP Academy provided expert assistance to schools participating in the projects of the FSDE system for the development of educational opportunities. In addition, the Academy’s experts will share knowledge, training materials, resources, conduct consultations in the field of education and provide organizational support for events and seminars.

The STEP Academy specializes in IT education for adults and children. It is the largest international company in the field of IT education, which has been a leader since 1999 and is represented in 21 countries with more than 100 branches.

At the first stage, within the framework of the memorandum, specialists of the STEP Academy began working with Secondary School of Bestamak village in Aktobe region and Kulyash Baiseitova Hub School in Karaganda region.

Today, two more training streams have started for students aged 10-11 and 12-16 years of all schools on creating animation, games, 3D modeling, creating websites, programming in Python, etc. 200 rural students have already submitted applications for one-year training from the Academy.

The Fund for Sustainable Development of Education in partnership with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and with the sponsorship of Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund and AITAS Holding are engaged in the integrated development of rural schools. Thus, through cooperation in projects “Rural School Powered by NIS” and “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, the material base has been modernized and the methodological work of 86 rural schools has been strengthened. The goal of the program is to create a network of hub rural schools with a presence in all districts and single-industry towns of Kazakhstan.

In turn, the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education continues to search for partners to improve the level of education in rural areas and the development of rural students.