Serik Zhunussov addressed the culture development in villages on live TV

Serik Zhunussov, the Head of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund again took part in the Ashyk Alan program on the Qazaqstan TV channel. This time the theme of the program was culture in the villages.
According to him, the rural culture itself does not meet the needs of the rural population.
“Rural youth do not want to go to the House of Culture in the village, because there is no content for young people there. For example, today's young people want to shoot videos in TikTok, but there are no such conditions in the recreation center. The issue of infrastructure is also relevant. Not all houses of culture have heating, there is also a recreation center without toilets. Some are even closed,” he said.
At the same time, Serik Zhunussov stressed that in addition to repairs, it is necessary to update their filling.
“There is no benefit from updating the old one. Requirements of the time have changed, requirements for culture and culture itself have changed. For example, if we update rural libraries, this should result in a modern coworking center. If we change the house of culture, it should become the creative center of the village. Every resident of the village should be a part of the creative hub. Therefore, I believe that along with the objects in the village, the content should also change,” the Head of the Fund concluded.