Modern education requires new approaches

The project is aimed at improving the quality of education, introducing the best pedagogical practices and techniques and providing the necessary material and technical base for hub schools.

“Modern education requires new approaches and sets its own requirements both for the upbringing of children and for the quality of education. Previously, it was important that the student fully completed all the tasks. The new technique adapts to the child, taking into account their talents, abilities, gives a certain freedom and space for development. The exchange of experience held by the Education Sustainable Development Fund and the project partner, Nazarbayev Intellectual School within the framework of the joint project “Increasing the potential of hub schools in rural regions” has taught our teachers a lot. Not only for the student, but also for the teachers themselves, the learning process has become much more efficient and easier,” Rakhat Nygmetbekkyzy, the school Director says.

The school has 22 classrooms and workshops for additional education. Along with classrooms for subjects and directions, the school is equipped with additional education classrooms: a STEM laboratory, ART studio, TV studio and library with a coworking area for students. Financing of almost KZT250 million was carried out within the framework of the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund. Beeline Kazakhstan acted as a donor of the project.

“Since 2020, together with our partners, we have been implementing the “250+” project, through which mobile Internet and Beeline communications have already appeared in more than 1,500 villages. Now the residents of these villages have equal opportunities to access the Internet with the city. The project on the development of hub schools also contributes to the creation of equal opportunities, having provided rural children with access to high-quality competitive education. Therefore, Beeline Kazakhstan is pleased to support this important initiative and at our expense, and we are talking about KZT2 billion, 8 rural schools in different regions of the country will be brought up to the standards of the best intellectual schools. The school in Ulytau is among them,” Yevgeny Nastradin, Chief Executive Officer of Beeline Kazakhstan emphasized.

The Education Sustainable Development Fund and specialists of the project partner, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO have completed work on the analysis of the educational environment and the quality of teaching at school. Following this analysis, recommendations for the development of the school, increasing the quality of education have been formed, and advanced training courses necessary for teachers have been identified.

The intensive training program for the teaching staff will be held until February 2023. After its completion, the school will switch to three-year methodological support until 2025.
“First of all, it is necessary to raise the fact that almost half of the people of Kazakhstan live in rural areas. Therefore, rural schoolchildren should have equal opportunities with urban ones. We are engaged in the development of hub schools, without which it is impossible to raise rural education. Our project covers 17 regions of Kazakhstan, where about 13 thousand children study and about 2 thousand teachers work,” Daniyar Toktarbayev, Director of the Education Sustainable Development Fund explains.

The project budget is KZT4,250 billion (17 schools at the rate of KZT250 million per school). To date, the Fund has equipped and provided methodological assistance in the form of training courses and teacher internships in 8 hub rural schools in Akmola (Katarkol village, Dossov secondary school), Pavlodar (Irtysh village, Irtysh secondary school No.1), Kostanai (Sarykol village, Urits secondary school) and Karaganda (Aktogai village, K.Baiseitova secondary school), Abay (Ayagoz, multidisciplinary Kazakh gymnasium school), Ulytau (Ulytau village, Ulytau secondary school No.1), East Kazakhstan (Markakol village, school No.1), Zhetysu (Ye. Sikymov secondary school) regions.

The updated school was presented in the “Open Day” format with the participation of Amangeldi Tolemisov, Senator of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of local executive bodies, as well as partners and sponsors of the project. The organizers told about the results of the training program and will hold a presentation of the updated