Aitas Foundation joins the UN Global Compact Initiative

Aitas Foundation has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative. Now the Corporate Fund has become a full participant in a powerful global movement of responsible organizations that are actively working on sustainable development.

Adoption of 10 universal principles and adherence to 17 Sustainable Development goals are the key points of participation in the Global Compact.

Aitas Foundation implements sustainable practices in education, healthcare, tourism, landscaping and regional development in order to bring positive changes, become an inspiration for other organizations and ordinary people with similar ideas and values.

The Foundation is open to experiment – the educational project, which began with the support of 5 schools, has now acquired a country scale and already affects 85 schools from all over Kazakhstan. The project is inexorably expanding, and the gap in the quality of education between the city and the countryside is inexorably shrinking. And the ecotourism project in the Katon-Karagai district has grown into a large-scale tourist cluster that has revitalized the local community. The cluster attracted large businessmen to the area, who highly appreciated the potential of domestic tourism.

The number of successful examples is growing from year to year and attracts more and more partners from business, government and civil society.

Every citizen of Kazakhstan has a vision for sustainable development and a confident look into the future, taking care of the younger generation is a big dream that the Aitas Foundation strives for.