11 More New Hub Schools to Appear in Aktobe Region

The progress in the implementation of tasks to improve the quality and accessibility of education services set by the Head of State was discussed at a meeting chaired by Yeraly Tugzhanov, Akim of Aktobe region.

Heads of government agencies, representatives of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education attended the meeting. This year, the Fund intends to create 11 hub schools in districts of the region on the basis of existing educational institutions. For this purpose, schools will be provided with the necessary material and technical equipment for a total amount of about KZT3 billion within the framework of the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, financed by Kazakhstan Khalkyna fund.
Yeraly Tugzhanov, called the implementation of this project an important step for further improving the quality of secondary education in rural areas, ensuring equal opportunities in education, regardless of the place of residence of schoolchildren.
“With the support of the Head of State, all conditions have been created in the country for the comprehensive development and quality education of children. However, there are also factors affecting the education gap between urban and rural schools. To address these issues, a number of measures are being implemented in the region. 51% of the region’s schools are small ones. We were the first to launch the BILIM ALL regional project to support small schools. The main goal is to eliminate the gap in the level of education between rural and urban schools, which reached 15% before the start of the project. Today the project shows its high efficiency. We intend to continue working in this direction. Along with this, the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas” will allow rural schoolchildren to have access to quality education in the area in which they live, as well as consolidate educational resources,” the Head of the region stressed.
In turn, Daniyar Toktarbayev, the Director of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education, highly appreciated the experience of Aktobe region in the development of school education in villages, expressing confidence that hub schools will strengthen the measures being implemented to improve the quality of education.
“Last year we took inventory and updated the material base of one school. This year, 11 schools will be updated, which will become hub schools. In total, 350 subject-oriented classrooms and additional skills will be equipped. Training events for 900 teachers will be held. As part of the project, we will cover more than 7,900 students. In addition, the partner of the project, NIS, will carry out a large program to improve the skills of school teachers. I would like to emphasize that the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education is funded by AITAS Holding,” Daniyar Toktarbayev informed.
He thanked Yeraly Tugzhanov for his support and assistance in the implementation of the project, noting that Aktobe region will be the first among regions to have a fully equipped hub school in each district.

Thus, 12 hub schools will appear in 12 district centers, which are in no way inferior to elite city schools.

Recall that the first reference school of the region was presented in January of this year in Bestamak village of Algyn district. The school has completely updated the material and technical base - 27 classrooms and school workshops were equipped, additional education classrooms - a STEM laboratory, an ART studio, a TV studio, a library with a coworking area were opened. KZT250 million was allocated for these purposes.

In addition, the best pedagogical practices and methods aimed at improving the qualifications of teachers and the formation of a high-quality educational environment are being introduced in hub schools with the participation of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.