The final presentation of the project "Home is best" will be held in Almaty

Friends! We are pleased to invite you to the final presentation of the laboratory of Public Sociology "Home is best", organized jointly with the AlmaU Center for Urban Studies and the Fund for Sustainable Rural Development, which will be held on January 16 at 18:00 at Tselinny Center for Contemporary Culture!

The project "Home is best" is aimed at studying the problem of the difference between a village and a city in Kazakhstan. The main topic of the study was the perception of "home" by residents of different regions of Kazakhstan. Thanks to ethnographic interviews, researchers were able to track the effectiveness of various social projects, the real consequences of the policies implemented for the development of the village, the reasons for the existence of a watershed between the village and the city.

The result of the laboratory was the publication of a policy-paper, which includes a descriptive research part, photographic materials and recommendations for the development of the village.

At the presentation, we will present results of the study, and after it there will be a public discussion with the participation of sociologist, Dmitry Rogozin, and the curators of the project, Alexander Vileikis and Anel Moldakhmetova.

Location: 137, Zheltoksan street, Almaty, Tselinny Center for Contemporary Culture
Date and time: January 16 at 18:00