Support for local carpenter

Today we would like to introduce you to Bakytbek Mukhammedrakhimuly Zhalymbetov. He lives in Katon-Karagai, revives and restores national handicrafts, dishes and various interior items, preserving the natural structure of trees.

In 2021, the Fund provided the master with a grant in the amount of KZT3 million. According to Bakytbek Zhalymbetov, using these funds he opened a workshop and a kiosk selling his products. In the process of work, the master likes to create unusual things. Now his craft workshop has a high demand for astau, various cups and bowls for kumiss.
“As true lovers of our craft, we are always interested in creating new masterpieces, and not repeating the same thing. Unusual things that no one has done before us. Unfortunately, such an opportunity does not always arise due to workload,” Bakytbek Zhalymbetov says.
The master from Katon-Karagai does not conceal his satisfaction at his district, which is developing over his eyes
“Now the situation in our district has improved. Construction has increased, and jobs have appeared accordingly. Artisans have hope for the future. Since the demand for their work is increasing every year. The abilities of the Katonkaragais are good. As regional tourism develops, there are people who are adapting to this industry. They are led by life itself. We hope for the best, because Katon is developing,” the resident of the district said.
Bakytbek Zhalymbetov himself does not plan to move from the district. Firstly, the district is famous for its unique nature, in addition, the master has a job.
“The benefits of cedar for human health are enormous. That’s why we’re not moving from here. Thanks to the Fund, there is no need to move. They have become our main customers. It is gratifying that they are happy for our success,” Bakytbek Zhalymbetov thanked.