Katon-Karagay district
General information about the disctrict
Katon-Karagay district is located in the east of the East Kazakhstan region and consists of 13 rural districts and 48 villages.

The administrative center of the district is the village of Ulken Naryn.
Development of 3 key villages with a high standard of living
Social sphere
Championship in the country in zero emissions
Environmental sphere
Development of tourism and agricultural cluster
Economic sphere
Head of the Fund for Katon-Karagay district
Serik Zhunusov
General strategy
Center for sustainable development of eco-tourism of Kazakhstan
21 700
13 190 км²
Total area of ​​the district
General conclusions on the situation in the Katon-Karagay region
Key advantage of the region: beautiful, ecologically clean, untouched nature.

The main problem: the rapid outflow of the population and the deterioration of human capital.

The main reason is that basic needs are not provided: employment, education, health care, leisure and housing and living conditions.
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