Deputies of the Mazhilis to Visited the Hub Schools of East Kazakhstan Region

Yermurat Bapi and Yerlan Sairov, Deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament, have visited schools of East Kazakhstan region that participate in the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”, which is implemented by Kazakhstan Khalkyna Fund, AITAS Holding, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education, with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Akimats. Deputies have got acquainted with schools of Zaisan city and Akzhar village of Tarbagatai district. Daniyar Toktarbayev, the Head of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education, spoke about the changes and opportunities that have opened up for hub schools.

The first school visited by Deputies was Mukhtar Auezov Secondary School in Zaisan city. This is one of the largest schools in the city, more than 900 students attend classes here. As part of the project, 35 classrooms of the school received new equipment this year. There were offices of additional education, a psychologist, a sewing workshop, a food culture workshop, a carpentry workshop, a TV studio, a STEM laboratory, an ART studio, a library, a school hall.
Another point of visit in East Kazakhstan region was Abai school in Akzhar village of Tarbagatai district. The school has a century-old history, and one of the first directors of the school was the holder of the Order of “Khalyk Kakharmany” Kassym Kaissenov. This year, the school became a participant in the second stage of the project “Development of the Potential of Hub Schools in Rural Areas”. The school has 26 classrooms and a library, sports equipment has been updated.

As Daniyar Toktarbayev noted, this is only the first part of the work that was done in hub schools.
“Together with our partners, we are developing hub schools in several areas. The project is primarily aimed at improving the quality of education provided to rural children. In hub schools, together with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, a lot of work is being done to improve the competencies of teachers of hub schools. And this work will be continued in the next 3 years,” the Head of the Fund for Sustainable Development of Education said.
After visiting schools, Yerlan Sairov, the Majilis Deputy, noted the importance of improving the quality of education.
“We are talking about building an intellectual nation that is close to scientific and technological progress. Today we saw schools, equipment and training in which fully corresponds and meets all global trends. Now our main task is to introduce our children to knowledge and technology,” Yerlan Sairov said.