Current situation:
In today’s world, quality education plays a key role. An educated nation is our future. The education system in Kazakhstan has developed in difficult economic conditions and there are still many problems in this area today. These are the challenges of the times.

We can now see a gap in the quality of education in the city and in the countryside. This is evidenced by the data of the latest report of the study of functional literacy of students (PISA 2018). The most important thing, however, is that we can fix this situation together and try to solve at least some of the issues.

Contact us and together we will make Kazakhstan educated and competitive in all global markets.
of schools in Kazakhstan are rural
5 262
are small schools with lower capacity
PISA — тест, оценивающий функциональную грамотность школьников в разных странах мира и умение применять знания на практике.

Проходит раз в 3 года. В тесте участвуют подростки в возрасте 15 лет.
Head of Education Program
Daniyar Toktarbaev
— Ключевой образовательный проект Фонда
"Rural School powered by NIS" project
Together with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, we equip schools according to NIS standards and provide methodological support to the teaching staff.

Since 2019, we have invested more than 1 billion tenge in 5 schools in Katon-Karagay, Ulan, Bulandy and Burabay districts.

Thanks to this program, we have equipped more than 50 classrooms and involved 320 teachers and more than 2,800 students to participate in the project.
~200 million
Amount invested per school
1-3 years
Implementation period
Создан совместно с АОО «Назарбаев Интеллектуальные школы»
— Educational projects of the Fund in the districts
    investments in education
    1 billion
    classrooms and laboratories
    2 years
    of work on the project
    students in rural schools
    schools in rural areas
    — Fund Partners
    Our main educational partner is the "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" AEO. Together we are implementing the project "Rural School powered by NIS"

    NIS specialists conduct an analysis of the quality of education, transfer teaching methodology to rural schools, and also conduct an inventory of the school and help improve the quality of education.
    Marwin chain of stores helps the libraries of the schools participating in the "Rural school powered by NIS" project.
    The partner of the project for the supply of equipment is the Basic Store company, a member of the WORLDDIDAC Association (Bern, Switzerland). The company brings together hundreds of manufacturers and distributors of educational equipment.