S. Lastaev Secondary school, Katon-Karagay village

The school has been participating in the program since 2019 and was one of its launching pads.

Within the framework of the program, we have carried out a deep analysis of the development of the school, a survey of parents and students, an inventory of school documentation, a survey of teachers and exams for students (finals) in grades 4 and 8. Based on the analysis, a school development plan was drawn up.

To date, the school has passed the second stage of the "Rural school powered by NIS" program; the teaching staff of the educational institution took part in 150 professional development events, including an internship at the NIS school in Ust-Kamenogorsk: advanced courses from the Center for Pedagogical Excellence.
Classrooms of a new modification have been brought to the school: computer science, robotics, a library, physics, chemistry, mathematics and logic, biology, laboratories, as well as workshops for engineering, art and cooking. All rooms have been refurbished.

Along with that, folk musical instruments made by the best craftsmen were purchased for the school. It is also planned to create a school musical band. For this purpose, we have asked Edil Khusainov, a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, master of throat singing, to participate in the project.

The gym is equipped with professional table tennis equipment. The Table Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan has trained local physical education teachers who are already teaching the game to children and local residents.

Start date: 2020
Completion: 2023
Budget: 59,788,978 tenge