At the end of April 2022, SRDF reporting meetings were held in the East Kazakhstan region

Sustainable development of rural areas is possible only in cooperation between government, business and society.

The SRDF reporting meetings in the East Kazakhstan region at the end of April 2022 were built exactly on this principle.

In the villages of Ulken Naryn, Katon-Karagai and Uryl, the Foundation team met with Dildar Kalikan, the akim of Katon-Karagay district, heads and employees of local authorities, entrepreneurs, representatives of public organizations and local residents.

With the assistance of SRDF, projects in the field of tourism, education, ecology and spatial development are being implemented in the region.

At the meetings, we discussed the results of the Fund's activities in 2021 and spoke about plans for the development of the social environment for 2022.

The district provides for the architectural planning of the village of Katon-Karagay, the launch of projects aimed at developing the human capital of the district; tourist information centers will be created; new guest houses and well-maintained tourist routes will appear in the area. A new library has been launched at the Uryl school; improvement projects and an educational initiative "Rural School Powered by NIS" will continue developing.

The reporting program of meetings ended with a joint concert of the Kazakh folklore researcher Yedil Khusainov and musical groups of the region in the village of Katon-Karagai.