Residents of Makinsk make an active contribution to the development of the Bulandy district

On March 1, in Makinsk, the Bulandy District Sustainable Development Fund held a reporting meeting on the results of 2021 and shared work plans for 2022.

From 2019 to date, thanks to the active joint implementation of projects important for the region, entrepreneurs, activists from various communities in the region, deputies and local authorities have been brought together.

“The Fund is all the residents of the Bulandy district. SRDF is a partner of the region in significant issues and integrated decision-making through building a platform for communication, exchange of ideas, transmission of personal examples and success stories. Therefore, it is important to include local businesses, the so-called “city asset” and executive power among our founders and trustees of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund,” SRDF representatives said.

At the meeting, the head of the Sustainable Rural Development Fund Ksenia Verba spoke about the activities of SRDF in all areas and districts in other regions of the country.

Toktarbaev presented the results of 2021 on activities in the Bulandy district and resigned as head of the fund in the Bulandy district; now he is expanding the scope of responsibility and is responsible for the sustainable development of the education sector in all regions.

Bakhtiyar Dyusyubekov, the new head of the fund in the Bulandy district, presented the work plan for 2022: the main priorities and areas of work, individual projects and problematic issues.

Particular attention at the meeting was paid to the program "Rural school powered by NIS." The goal of the program is to reduce the gap in the quality of education between urban and rural schools. Thus, in 2021, the second stage of teaching staff training and equipping educational institutions was completed; a program of internships and attracting teachers with a new look at education was launched; work began on the formation of school teams. SRDF plans to scale the project to 165 districts of the country.

Representatives of the fund in the Bulandy district said that the school-gymnasium of the city of Makinsk is participating in the program, where during the implementation period more than 57 million tenge was invested in equipment and 8 million tenge for the development of design estimates for the overhaul of the school building.

The implemented activities within the framework of the program made it possible to raise the quality of education up to 67%. In 2021, at the second stage of the project, classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and logic, and laboratories were equipped.

Fund invested 44 million tenge in the development of documentation for infrastructure projects, which helped attract about 1 billion tenge of investments from the state budget to the district.

Main priority of Sustainable Rural Development Fund in 2022 will be the development of human capital and improving the standard of living in the district. This is the priority task of the Fund's work in all districts and areas of activity.

It is important for SRDF to be transparent and unite local residents, so such meetings on the results of the work done in each district are held annually. Katon-Karagay and Ulan districts are next in line.

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