General information about the district
Bulandy district was founded in 1930.
Consists of 1 urban and 11 rural districts.

Administrative center: Makinsk
The best rural environment with urban conditions
Social area
Industrial area with zero environmental impact
Environmental area
Bulandy district is the center of the meat industry in Northern Kazakhstan
Economic area
Head of the Fund for Bulandy district
Bakhtiyar Dyussyubekov
33 363
6 300 км²
General conclusions on the situation in the Bulandy district
The district has great potential for the formation of an industrial cluster: there is industry experience in the agricultural and food blocks, the necessary resources and transport links with national and international markets.

The presence of a forage base is a good condition for the development of beef cattle breeding. In turn, the cluster approach will open up new horizons for small and medium-sized businesses operating in a given territory.

However, the sustainable development of the territory requires serious investments in infrastructure, innovation and technology, the creation of an industrial cluster ecosystem and the development of human capital.
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