Development of a tourism identity for the Katon-Karagay district

Development of tourist identity of the destination

While forming the tourist identity of the area, we analyze, shape the image, attract focus groups from the community and the public sector and foreign tour operators. Tourism identity development includes messages and semantic core, logo, slogan, colors and shapes.

To create a high-quality identity, it is necessary to take into account the culture, nature and history of the destination. Based on the identity, we develop draft designs for the implementation of soft infrastructure*.

*Soft infrastructure is the creation of comfortable conditions for tourists and travelers. This concept includes the improvement and marking of trails, the construction of bivouac glades, the construction of mountain shelters and visit-centers.

Together with a group of foreign tour operators, we formed the identity of Katon-Karagay.
Also, taking into account the identity, we developed preliminary designs for the introduction of soft infrastructure.

February - December 2020
2,300,000 tenge