Famous musician teaches Katon-Karagay children to play Kazakh instruments

Two years ago, the Sustainable Rural Development Fund invited the famous composer, multi-instrumentalist, Yedil Khussainov to teach music to children in Katon-Karagai district.

Today, the musician passes on his skills to children, teaches them to play national musical instruments.
“My students are satisfied with their achievements. At the beginning of the school year, I accept all willing students, and by the end of the year, usually only those who have a predisposition and desire stay. Last year they participated in folklore instrument competitions held in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Almaty, have taken first places and became laureates. To tell the truth, there are few people who play sybyzgy in Kazakhstan. Therefore, many are surprised by our students,” Yedil Khussainov says.
According to the musician, sybyzgy is the traditional instrument of Katon-Karagai.
“Shanak Auganbayev, a famous musician, was from these places. The sound of sybyzgy harmonizes and corresponds to the incredible nature of Katon-Karagai. Kazakhs are initially very musical. Our grandfathers, Korkyt and Kurmangazy, even if they did not know musical notation, but were accomplished musicians and singers. This means that we also have the opportunity to distinguish notes by ear,” the teacher says.
Yedil Khussainov noted the special zeal of children for learning to play instruments.
“The Fund has provided us with instruments. Now children play these instruments. We can say that sybyzgy is available only in the music schools of this area. When we went to the performances, we met people who had never heard about Katon-Karagai. Now children playing sybyzgy are contributing to the popularization of their small homeland. Oralkhan Bokei will be 80 years old in August. We plan to perform there with the children. Children are keen as mustard, they themselves ask to participate in competitions. Participation in festivals as a tool for introducing children to the big stage. We have a dream to go abroad,” the famous musician says.