Rural Development Fund
Towards the sustainable development of the country and a happy Kazakhstan through the development of rural areas
East Kazakhstan region
Akmola region
Our results of strategy implementation
  • by 10,2%

    Improving the level of school performance

  • by 4 times

    Growth in the number of tourist visitors served in Katon-Karagai district (2019-2022)

  • by 2 times

    Growth in the volume of services in the field of tourism of Katon-Karagai district (2019-2022)

  • by 40%

    Improving the quality of infrastructure in Bulandy district

  • Dildar Kalikhan
    Akim of Katon-Karagai district

    “The strategy of development of rural regions includes the development of agriculture, tourism development, the program of providing quality medicine for the local population, the sphere of education. The Fund has done a great job on each sphere in a short period of time. We discussed and developed it together with local executive authorities”

  • Talgat Yerseitov 
    Akim of Bulandy district

    “I believe that sustainable development is the peace of mind of our citizens. People wake up in the morning and knows that they will calmly go to work, that they have time to rest. They know that their children will go to a good school, get knowledge. When a person has faith in the future, this is sustainable development. I think that every district and every village should strive for this”

  • Klara Mendybayeva
    Head of Arna GRS ( Makinsk) and Deputy of the Akmola regional maslikhat
    “In my understanding, sustainable development of rural areas means the same standard of living in cities and villages. I dream that residents of Kokshetau strive to live in Makinsk or in Karaozek village, so that people do not flee to the city, but on the contrary, move to the village en masse. And what is needed for this? Develop infrastructure, business, provide young people with jobs and leisure”
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