Sustainable Rural
Sustainable development of Kazakhstan through the development of rural areas
Now we are implementing the bulk of the projects in the villages of Kazakhstan. There are 165 rural areas with their own unique features. Each region has its own history, problems and achievements. Our task is to help each district to reveal its rich potential.
We take a comprehensive approach to solving problems and provide support to villages in the field of economy, ecology and social development.
We are currently implementing our projects in seven regions of the country: Ulan, Katon-Karagay, Bulandy and Burabay, Ayirtau, Shemonaikha and Abay region.
We plan to involve all 165 districts.
projects in progress
billion attracted investments
years of active work
districts being developed now
— Latest News
The Fund opens clinical laboratories in the villages of Kazakhstan
— Special Project
Another important project is the launch of clinical labs. Thanks to this initiative, villagers no longer need to go to the district center to get tested for COVID-19. It is now possible to do this in their own villages.
During the implementation of the project, the laboratories were opened in 11 villages. For these purposes, 16.5 million tenge of grants have been issued, and entrepreneurs from 6 regions have been able to use the project opportunities.
Grant support to the villagers was provided by the Fund together with KDL OLYMP and INVIVO.
We Plant Trees
— Special Project
Sustainable Rural Development Fund pays great attention to environmental issues, so 6404 trees have been planted in different regions of the country during the fund's activity.
trees in Makinsk
trees in the Chechek Park
trees in the Veterans Park
spruces in Kasym Kasenov village
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