Serik Zhunusov
Head of Ecology Program
Environmental protection is an important link in the sustainable development of our country. Unfortunately, there are still many unresolved issues in the environmental direction, both in Kazakhstan and in the world. Ignoring even seemingly minor environmental problems is like committing a crime against oneself. In addition, the good ecology of the area is a key advantage and a guarantee of its investment attractiveness.

We pay great attention to environmental issues. A systematic approach is important in solving such problems as the management of CO2 emissions, the use of green energy, the maintenance of biodiversity and the management of municipal solid waste.

You can join our projects at any time and together we will make this world a little cleaner and save it for our children.
We Plant Trees
Sustainable Rural Development Fund pays great attention to environmental issues, so 6404 trees have been planted in different regions of the country during the fund's activity.
trees in Makinsk
trees in the Chechek Park
trees in the Veterans Park
spruces in Kasym Kasenov village
At the moment we are managing municipal solid waste in Katon-Karagay and Ulan districts. We analyze the amount of waste generated in the area, assess the capacity of cleaning equipment and the risks to the environment. And then we work on the basis of these data.

The goal is the most environmentally friendly disposal of household waste without harm to nature and for the benefit of humans.