Spatial development of rural areas
The level of improvement in many rural areas in our country does not correspond to the modern standard of living. There are areas that are lagging for decades.
Almost all villages are significantly inferior to cities in terms of housing and infrastructure development.

One of the directions of the Fund’s work is the improvement of rural infrastructure. In many cases, this is not only a matter of comfort, but also the safety of residents.

We work together with local governments by providing methodology and expertise. This is where all changes in the development of our villages begin.

If you feel that you can do something good for your home, we are ready to discuss your project and provide support.
Head of the program for the spatial development of rural areas
Andrey Koshkin
    The development of rural areas is impossible without landscaping. Good roads and sidewalks, playgrounds and squares, street lighting and high-quality engineering infrastructure are all parts of the same whole.

    We help villages and small towns in solving pressing issues by implementing various projects and allocating grant funds for these purposes.