The level of development of rural hospitals has always been inferior to the level of urban ones. The beginning of the pandemic completely exposed the problem of a shortage of medical specialists, equipment and supplies.

Knowing about the existing problems, we decided to make medical diagnostics in rural areas more accessible. We work to improve medical care in hospitals, issue grants to open private doctors' offices and attract partners to open pharmacy chains.

If you know that you have the resources and opportunities to solve at least one problem, you should reach out to us however small your contribution might seem. We can do a lot together!
Head of the Regional Development Program and the Healthcare Program
Fatima Gerfanova
A developed healthcare system is of paramount importance in maintaining the health of the nation. High-quality medical services are the key to the longevity of the people of Kazakhstan, along with a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and moderate physical activity. Particular attention should be paid to the early diagnosis of serious diseases, since most of them can be treated conservatively in the early stages, so the question of the availability and equipment of diagnostic laboratories in the villages is crucial.

As of April 2021, more than 50 district centers of Kazakhstan do not have their own diagnostic laboratories. The clinical laboratories of district hospitals conduct a limited list of medical tests. In many cases, residents have to spend time and money to go to the regional center to receive basic medical services.

The problem is most acute in Kostanay, Karaganda and East Kazakhstan regions.

Together with the network of diagnostic laboratories KDL OLYMP and INVIVO, the Fund is implementing the program "Launching Clinical Laboratories in Rural Areas". Thanks to this project, a huge list of fast tests with accurate results became available to the villagers.
Launching clinical laboratories in rural areas
KDL OLYMP and INVIVO provide franchises for launching laboratories and medical offices.

Entrepreneurs from district centers with no clinical laboratories can participate in the program. They are exempt from making a one-time payment (lump sum) in the amount of one million tenge. Moreover, they have access to grant funding for the purchase of furniture and equipment in the amount of 50% of the costs incurred (up to 1.5 million tenge).

Since the launch of the program, we have issued 12 grants for a total of 18 million tenge and there are more than 40 labs that are going to be open in the near future.
18 million
Total grants given
Rural areas in progress
Review of the Program
  • One of the first clinical laboratories was launched in the village of Borodulikha, East Kazakhstan region. The lab operates under the INVIVO franchise and will provide clinical diagnostic services to the population from Borodulikha and surrounding villages.

    The lab was opened by Olga Skokova, who used to work as an accountant-cashier in an electrical goods store and has always dreamed of starting her own business. Olga’s sister told her about the franchise project, and they calculated the required amount and launched the process together.

    Sustainable Rural Development Fund allocated 1,200,000 tenge, which was used by Olga to purchase the necessary equipment and furniture.
    Olga Skokova
    с. Бородулиха, Бородулихинский район, Восточно-Казахстанская область

    "I share the Fund’s idea of ​​providing residents in the countryside with high-quality medical diagnostics. I look forward to the future with enthusiasm and plan to open a clinical lab in Semey"
  • Anna Prutnikova opened a laboratory room in the village of Ayet (Beyimbet Mailin district, Kostanay region).
    The village is located 36 kilometers from Lisakovsk and 95 kilometers from Kostanay.

    Before the laboratory was opened, residents of the district center and surrounding villages had to travel to laboratories in Rudny (40 km) or Kostanay (80 km).

    Anna Prutnikova has been in business for a long time; over the last few years, she has been raising poultry for sale. Once she found out about grants for opening clinical labs, she became interested in a new line of business.

    As a person with disabilities, Anna has encountered difficulties when taking medical tests, since she had to travel from the village of Ayet to the city of Rudny.

    The Fund supported Anna’s initiative to open a lab and issued a grant in the amount of 1.4 million tenge.
    Anna Prutnikova
    с. Айет, район Бейимбета Майлина, Костанайская область

    "Of course, the villagers are very happy. Without a grant from the Fund, we would not have opened a laboratory since the population is small and the payback period would be very long. Due to the grant, the payback period has been significantly reduced."
  • In Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region, the Fund supported Gaukhar Berikkozhaeva, who had long nurtured the idea of ​​opening a diagnostic laboratory on a franchise basis. The woman received a grant in the amount of 1.5 million tenge for the purchase of furniture, machinery and equipment. Now the residents of Kasym Kaisenov village do not have to leave Ust-Kamenogorsk to take medical tests; they can get all necessary services at the local laboratory opened under the INVIVO franchise.

    Gaukhar plans to expand the list of medical services for residents of the Kasym Kaisenov village.
    Gaukhar Berikkozhaeva
    посёлок им. Касыма Касенова, Уланский район, Восточно-Казахстанская область
  • The village of Denisovka in the Kostanay region has more than 4 thousand inhabitants, and over 18 thousand people live in the Denisovsky district itself.

    The villagers supported the initiative of Yeldos Mukhanbetov. Now they have their own laboratory, and they do not have to commute 170 km to Kostanay in order to take medical tests.
    The laboratory under the KDL OLYMP franchise was opened in September 2021 and is already popular among residents of the district center and surrounding villages.

    The project was supported by the Fund allocating a grant as part of a program to increase the availability of diagnostics for rural residents.
    Yeldos Mukhanbetov
    с. Денисовка, Денисовский район, Костанайская область
Clinical laboratories for each rural area
Our plans for 2022 are to cover the maximum number of rural areas in which there is no private medical diagnostics. Depending on various factors, the amount of the grant can be increased up to two million tenge.
To participate in the program, you need to select premises, submit an application, conclude a franchise agreement with INVIVO or KDL OLYMP, obtain a license and agree on expenses with the Fund. Detailed conditions are available upon request.

To participate in the program, you need to find premises, submit an application, conclude a franchise agreement with INVIVO or KDL OLYMP, obtain a license and agree on expenses with the Fund. Details are available upon request.
40 grants
We plan to issue
~70 million tenge
Amounting to
— Project Partners
INVIVO is the first laboratory in the Central Asian region that has a network regional structure.

At the moment, more than 350 labs with over 600 qualified specialists are successfully operating in Kazakhstan.
KDL OLYMP is the largest network of private laboratories in Kazakhstan with more than 400 treatment rooms and 18 laboratories.
      Special Projects Ashyk Zhurek
      The Ashyk Zhurek Project was created to counteract the spread of COVID-19.

      Within the framework of the project, we opened mobile laboratories in 4 cities of Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan, Kokshetau, Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

      The project was implemented jointly with local akimats and KDL OLYMP.

      In addition, we purchased and donated 6 ventilators and 38 disinfection sprayers to local hospitals.
      cities covered by mobile labs
      39 million
      total amount issued by the Fund
      express tests purchased
      march 15, 2020
      the first lab was launched in Nur-Sultan
      г. Ust-Kamenogorsk
      г. Nur-Sultan