General information about the region

Abay region is located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan.

The administrative center of the Abay region is the city of Semey.

The region includes 2 cities (Semey and Kurchatov) and 8 districts (Abai, Ayagoz, Aksuat, Beskaragai, Borodulikha, Zharma, Kokpekty, Urdzhar).

More than 80 settlements, 14 rural districts.

185 500 м²
total area
683 300
Head of the Fund for the Abay region
Nikolay Lylyk
History of the region
Abay region was founded in 2022 from the division of the East Kazakhstan Region. Territorially: the former Semipalatinsk region (1939-1991).

Abay region is the center of Eurasia and the birthplace of prominent philosophers and writers: Abay, Shakarim and Mukhtar Auezov, improviser Amre Kashaubaev. It is also the home of Kazakhstani football.

The administrative center of the region, the city of Semey is an old city with a rich history. The city has many objects that belong to the monuments of architecture and history of republican significance. The suspension bridge in Semey is the only one in the CIS and the 17th in the world.

The National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the city of Kurchatov, which provides scientific and technical support to the policy of the Government of Kazakhstan in the field of the peaceful use of atomic energy.
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